Porkchop Express is a San Francisco based Americana band that has been playing together since 2002. They take gristly scraps from the American traditions of folk, country, and rock 'n roll, push it through a meat grinder, and serve it up on a honky tonk platter for all to enjoy. The sound is a reflection of their memebers. Bassist Kevin Kalahiki is as inspired by Charles Mingus and Mike Watt as anything that's come out of Muscle Shoals or Austin; drummer Kitt Thompson studied music and his knowledge of instruments and theory keeps him one step ahead of what you'd expect from a bar-band drummer. Guitarist John Brunn is equally at home setting the mood with spacey lap-steel as he is ripping a blistering solo that sounds like it could grumble out of a Detroit garage. While singer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Conoley nurses the chip on his shoulder common to those that play the tiny instruments (ukulele, mandolin), he also keeps up appearances with accoustic and telecaster guitars. The singing and songwriting ground the band in twangy traditions and when you hear Collin and Kitt's vocal harmonies it all comes together. You can tell these guys have something to say, and you can tell they're gonna have a really good time saying it. Read more...


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